Hand-wrought iron Blacksmith Linkov

Hello, my name is Lyubomir Linkov. I’m working as a blacksmith for over 15 years, and from end of 2008 year I become a member of National Craft Chamber in Sofia.

I specialized in hand made stuff as:

  • Wrought iron mirrors
  • Wrought iron candleholders
  • Wrought iron tables
  • Wrought iron chandeliers
  • Wrought iron accessories for home
  • Wrought iron and etc

The forge

Linkov forge is one of few remaining real smithy in Bulgaria , and especially in Sofia can count on the fingers of the one hand. Here everything is fabricate as it’s done many years ago – by hand – with hammer, anvil and forge, and as this way the blacksmith touch the metal and put some little particle from his heart as inspire it to live.

The process of making of wrought iron in classic method, compare to other readymade products is far too intensive and slow, because every element is made by hand to specific shape and size.

Every project has his own specifics as style, size and proportions, which can’t foresee in mass production.

In Bulgaria most of the companies which are offering wrought iron don’t have blacksmith and they use readymade elements, produced from machines.

In this way I can say

  • There are no cheap and quality goods in same time.
  • We don’t make mass products.
  • Every product we made is unique and extraordinary.

Made by Blacksmith Linkov products of wrought iron

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