Hello, my name is Lyubomir Linkov. I’m working as a blacksmith for over 15 years, and from end of 2008 year I become a member of National Craft Chamber in Sofia.


I specialized in hand made stuff as:

  • Wrought iron mirrors
  • Wrought iron candleholders
  • Wrought iron tables
  • Wrought iron chandeliers
  • Wrought iron accessories for home
  • Wrought iron and etc

During the process I’m using traditional or contemporary techniques of treatments of wrought iron. Our products are unique, which means so our clients owns something exclusive.

We fabricate the products according to your project, sketch, photo, drawing or from our design.

We aim to fabricate every detail to become perfect finished look. Because according to logic – the beauty is in the small details.

Made by Blacksmith Linkov products of wrought iron

Something interesting about wrought iron